Be Patient dear disciple!

Train the course and level you are currently on, new material will become available each week.

Please strive to train on a daily basis, the more time you invest in your training, the quicker you’ll begin to understand. 

Remember there are 7 courses to study, ranging from Beginner to Expert practitioner.

Each course consists of several levels and each level consists of many videos.

The number of levels depends on which course you’re studying, the more advanced course includes more material.


Siu-Nim-Tao “the little idea”

This course consists of 3 levels


Chum-Kiu “seeking bridge”

This course consists of 4 levels


Biu-Tze “darting fingers”

This course consists of 5 levels


Muk-Yan-Chong “wooden man”

This course consists of 6 levels.


Intermediate | Advanced | Expert

These 3 courses consist of multiple levels each