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This course teaches you how to recognise a potential threat, react appropriately to a strike, grab or verbal abuse and then resolve the situation to a safe conclusion.


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to safety 

The beauty of Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a beautiful martial art, it’s very simple, it uses your body’s own geometry to generate awesome and effortless power, regardless of your gender, age or stature.

Using efficiency of motion, the economy of effort and simplicity of technique, you’ll understand why Wing Chun is such an effective self-defence system in no time at all.

Simply follow the weekly videos, which you’ll access from your account, you can train individually, with a friend or it could be a great bonding experience to train as a family, all in the comfort of your own home.

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“Forget yourself and follow your opponents movements.”

Grand Master Ip Man 1893-1972 

Ip Man is responsible for the spread and popularity of Wing Chun across the world today.

In the 1960/70’s some of his students emigrated to various parts of the globe including Australia, Europe and the USA to spread the art.  

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Grand Master Ip Man

Grandmaster of Wing Chun

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