Wing Chun is actually a female name that translates to “eternal spring time”, Spring time is a beautiful season, as we say goodbye to Winter and hello to new growth and warmer days. Kuen translates to “fist” and is the only part of the name that has a martial element.

The martial art, Wing Chun Kuen originated in Southern China, it is a style of Kung-Fu that strives for simplicity in every aspect of the art.

Correct body mechanics:- using physically strong geometric’s, the position of your bones.

Efficiency of motion:- each movement travels just the right amount, no more.

Economy of effort:- your muscles and joints should remain relaxed but not weak. 

Simplicity of technique:- simply connected techniques and tools. 

If you follow the instructions slowly and carefully, you’ll see and understand the beauty in Wing Chun in no time at all.

You’ll witness Wing Chun techniques in lots of fight scenes within blockbuster action movies, including the Jason Bourne films, Taken with Liam Neeson, the movies that include Bruce Lee, Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jnr, Bangkok Dangerous with Nicholas Cage and naturally the Ip Man movies.

Wing Chun is practiced by many famous actors including Robert Downey Jnr and Nicolas Cage.

“A student’s mentality in learning martial arts is to overcome one’s problems.

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Ip Chun

Master and student/son of GM Ip Man

“The best form of self defence is to be invisible…
If you can’t do that, learn Wing Chun!“

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Wong Shun Leung

Master and student of GM Ip Man

“If you love life, don’t waste time, as time is what life is made of.”

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Bruce Lee

Martial arts/movie legend